Seryn is my name and I'm 16 years wise. I believe everybody has their own definition. For example, Seryn: A poetic, hopeless romantic who loves meeting new people and eventually falls in love with their story. She believes everybody deserves a chance...even a second one at times. She has learned and is still sort of learning to not discriminate or judge at first sight. She has many flaws, but she's still in the process of accepting them. She's taken away with not only her boyfriend, but with the world around her as well. I would absolutely love for anyone to leave their name and definition in a message or an ask for me.



All McDonald restaurants should ditch their uniform, wear Krusty Krab hats, serve Krabby Patties instead of regular hamburgers/cheeseburgers, and change change the name from McDonalds to Krusty Krab


why do we need to watch the sky to enjoy the stars when the ultimate star is me


today my nephew (who’s recently decided that he’s a wizard) came round and showed me his book of spells (a folded a4 piece of paper) - i looked at it expecting to see spells to turn people into frogs and to make you fly etc but the only thing he’d written was a spell to make people smile
and i think he must be a wizard because i smiled pretty big

Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind.

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tip of the day don’t vacuum with ear phones in because i just finished vacuuming the whole house only to realise it wasn’t even on

Write me poetry but not the kind you’d write to a lover, write me poetry about the things you’re too scared to say.


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